Street parking advice

Footway parking

Parking on footways and grass verges is banned across London, as it causes damage to pavements and verges and creates a hazard to the blind and partially sighted, the disabled and children in pushchairs.

In locations where an exemption has been applied and footway parking is allowed, signs will be present on site.  The signs will indicate where in the road footway parking is permitted and whether motorists can park with two wheels on the footway or all four. 

Crossovers; where the pavement dips to road level at drive entrances, are just as much part of the footway as the pavement itself – even if leading to your own house.

Requesting an exemption

Requests for an exemption to allow footway parking can only be considered in special circumstances, where:

  • it can be proved that access is regularly being restricted by on-street parking,
  • there a clearance of 1.8m to allow pedestrian access, and 
  • access to essential utilities and street furniture on the footway, such as trees and lamp columns is not impeded.

If you wish to apply for a footway parking exemption in your street, please complete a request for new parking scheme.

All schemes are subject to public consultation and we would therefore advise you to speak to your neighbours to see if the idea would get significant support before making a request.