Street parking advice

Pay and display bays

When parking in a pay and display bay (whether on the road or in a car park) make sure that the vehicle is totally within the bay or, at the very least, all wheels are within it and not over the markings.  Never park in a suspended bay. They are suspended for good reasons, (e.g. road works, gas leaks or other emergencies) and ignoring a suspension is a sure way of receiving a penalty charge notice.

Always have the correct change with you before you park in a pay and display bay.  If a car is left unattended because the driver has gone for change and there is no evidence of parking time being purchased then a penalty charge notice will always be issued.

When purchasing a pay and display ticket from a machine always ensure that the money has registered correctly and that the time purchased has been given.

Display your ticket correctly in the windscreen or as directed on the ticket so that the departure time is clearly visible. Failure to display a valid ticket is a contravention.

Alternatively, you can pay for parking using a mobile phone and your debit/credit card in all on-street pay and display bays and most council operated car parks.  This is a quick and easy way to arrange payment of the tariff with the benefit of extending the parking session without returning to the vehicle.

If you have attempted to purchase a pay and display ticket at the nearest machine, but it is out of order, you should use a nearby machine.  If any nearby machines are also out of order and you cannot pay by mobile phone, you should make a note of the issues you have experienced and display it in your windscreen before leaving your vehicle .