Parking permits and visitors vouchers

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ)

An area where a controlled parking zone (CPZ) applies includes a number of roads where waiting restrictions apply at a specified time.  The times of restriction are indicated by signs placed on the entrances and exits to the zone.  Individual signs will only be present within a CPZ where a restriction varies to the rest of the zone, i.e. disabled bays, loading bays, permit bays and yellow lines where the restriction times differ to those shown on the zone plates.

Permit zones often fall within CPZs.  The number of permit holder spaces within each permit zone is the result of a detailed survey to identify available space to park safely as compared to demand for parking in the vicinity.

Requesting a new CPZ

Residents do not have exclusive rights to park within a street.  The council endeavours to provide a balance between parking for residents and other drivers, rather than displacing parking issues to other locations.  Grass verges, trees or public spaces cannot be removed in order to create new parking spaces.  

It would be very unpopular to implement residents only parking in all roads, as this would impact considerably on visitors. Consequently, permit parking schemes are not looked at in isolation (i.e. just one road) and are likely to form part of a wider scheme.

 It should be noted that introducing a CPZ to an area will not:

  • significantly reduce the number of residents’ vehicles – it  is only effective if there are non-residents vehicles parking in the area (within the controlled permit hours) that should be parking elsewhere.  
  • resolve the issue of a household with a large number of vehicles parking on-street, as all occupants would be eligible for a permit. 

The cost of a permit varies depending upon the hours of operation and the extent of enforcement required.  Prices start from £40 per vehicle per annum.  Every vehicle in a household within a CPZ would need a permit to park in the permit bays within the zone.

As parking permits come with an annual charge, they are not generally popular. Before installing a CPZ, an extensive public consultation is undertaken with all residents who would be directly affected.  If the majority of residents are opposed, a CPZ will not be implemented.  Therefore, before making an application, we recommend that you speak with your neighbours and any local businesses to gauge support.

If you think a CPZ is required in your area, you can request a visit by an engineer.  However, all the following principles must apply before any further work can be considered.

  • There must be a significant number of requests from the local area.
  • Proof must be available confirming that a large number of vehicles which do not belong to residents are regularly parking in the area and preventing residents from parking.
  • Off-street parking must be unavailable for the majority of residents

If you wish to apply for a CPZ in your area, please make a request for new parking scheme.