Civic Centre car park - automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

Frequently asked questions

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is now operating in the Civic Centre car park along with more options to make payment including a cashless service.

How can I make payment?

There are four pay stations in the car park; two accept cards and coins and two accept cards only. Motorists intending to make cash payments must have the correct coins with them on their return to the car park, as the pay stations do not accept notes and do not give change. Motorists can also register and pay through the online cashless payment service; APCOA Connect.

Where are the pay stations located?

There are two pay stations located on level three near the link bridge; one accepts cards and coins and the other accepts cards only. The pay station on the ground floor at the bottom of the stairwell near the pedestrian exit onto Stockwell Close accepts cards only. The pay station on level 1 near the main entrance/exit accepts cards and coins.

Will a car park attendant be available?

The help centre/kiosk has closed permanently and car park attendants are no longer in attendance in this facility.

What if I have a problem getting out of the car park?

An intercom system is in operation 24 hours a day at the exit barrier with advisors on hand to assist with any issues in getting out of the car park.

What if there is an emergency?

Please dial 999 for the emergency services.  Council emergency contact information.