Performance licences for children

Covid-19 coronavirus

In response to recent government advice, and in compliance with social distancing rules,  Bromley Council  will consider applications for:

  • Home-generated content with no production personnel present.
  • Outdoor content with minimal crew present (wearing PPE if close to child) and with social distancing of 4m2 in place.
  • Indoor/studio shoots with minimal crew present (wearing PPE if close to child) and with social distancing of 4m2 in place

We will not issue licences for children to perform in other households where the resident is present as this does not comply with the ‘bubble’ rule.

Each consideration will be made on a case by case basis and will be subject to strict risk assessment. Any licence issued will be subject to revocation should future government updates indicate the type of performance would represent a risk to the child.

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Any child taking part in a performance, which can include TV or filming, theatre, sporting activity or modelling, needs a performance licence (except in certain circumstances)

When is a licence needed

  • a licence is always required if the child receives payment for the performance.
  • a licence is also required if the performance requires absence from school, even if the assignment is unpaid.
  • a licence is not required if the performance is unpaid and no school absence is required and the performance lasts for four days or fewer and the child has not performed within the previous six months.


Unless night work is involved, subject to school approval for any absence required, there is no limit on the number of days on which a child may perform.

  • a child's head or class teacher will judge whether time out of school will hamper their academic progress and must produce a written statement to appeal against the issue of a licence 
  • the child will need to be chaperoned at all times. This may be by the child's own parent or by a registered chaperone hired by the applicant


Please complete the child performance application including all the required documentation.