Children in entertainment

Covid-19 coronavirus

In response to recent government advice, and in compliance with social distancing rules,  Bromley Council  will consider applications for:

  • Home-generated content with no production personnel present.
  • Outdoor content with minimal crew present (wearing PPE if close to child) and with social distancing of 4m2 in place.
  • Indoor/studio shoots with minimal crew present (wearing PPE if close to child) and with social distancing of 4m2 in place

We will not issue licences for children to perform in other households where the resident is present as this does not comply with the ‘bubble’ rule.

Each consideration will be made on a case by case basis and will be subject to strict risk assessment. Any licence issued will be subject to revocation should future government updates indicate the type of performance would represent a risk to the child.

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Many children enjoy performing, whether in plays, films, advertising or on television and parents enjoy supporting them. However, laws exist which are designed to protect children's welfare and prevent them from being exploited. The production company must apply to the local authority on all occasions where a licence is required.  The local authority is responsible for issuing performance licences  and must be satisfied that

  • the child's education will not suffer;
  • his or her health will not suffer;
  • the place of performance/rehearsal is satisfactory; and
  • the conditions of the licence will be observed.

The local authority can refuse a licence if it is not satisfied the above will be met.  The law applies to all children from birth until completion of compulsory school age.  A licence will be needed for any performance:

  • in connection with which a charge is made;
  • at a licensed premises or a registered club;
  • any broadcast or any performance recorded by whatever means with a view to its use in a broadcast, or film intended for public exhibition. (Except in certain circumstances)

Licences may also be issued for:

  • children employed in paid modelling work, photographic or catwalk work;
  • children working in paid/professional sport; and
  • children in entertainment - performing on stage or in televisions, film, commercials etc.
It is essential that your child obtains his/her licence before the performance takes place. Applications should be submitted on line with at least 3 weeks’ notice. Applications will not be accepted with less than 10 working days’ notice. 

Child performance

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