Planning application checklists

Prior notification of proposed demolition checklist

The following checklist should be used in conjunction with the application for prior notification - proposed demolition.

Further information is available on applying for planning permission and planning application forms  .

Please ensure you have met the following requirements before sending us your completed application form:

  • A completed form or written description of the proposed development
  • A statement that the applicant has displayed a site notice in accordance with A.2(b)(iii) of Part 31 of Schedule 2 to the General Permitted Development Order 1995 
  • The appropriate fee

The Council may also require that one or more of the documents set out in the following "Local Requirements" should be submitted before it can validate and register the application:

  • Biodiversity survey and report
  • Tree survey/arboricultural implications

If you are unsure about which documents you are required to submit, please contact us for informal advice.