Planning application forms

London Mayor's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) forms

Community Infrastructure Levy forms and guidance are available to download in pdf format from the Planning Portal website using the links below 

Please print and complete the appropriate form and return by post to us, or in person to planning reception at the Civic Centre. Alternatively you can complete the form, save it to your computer and email it to us.

  • The majority of planning applicants will be asked to complete the Determining whether a Development may be CIL Liable form.  The most important sections on the form are sections 5 and 6. This helps us to determine the floorspace and liability. There are guidance notes on how to complete this form.
  • If your development proposal is deemed liable you will be asked to complete Form 1: Assumption of Liability, before the decision notice is issued. This form tells us who is taking responsibility for paying the levy. 
  • Charities and social housing providers can claim an exemption from the levy by completing Form 2: Claiming Exemption or Relief .  Exemption or relief can only be claimed prior to commencement.
  • Self-builders can also claim exemption from the levy. There are a number of forms for self-builders on the Planning Portal CIL web page. Exemption or relief can only be claimed prior to commencement.
  • If you wish to transfer your assumption of liability, for example, if you have sold the property, then you can complete  Form 4: Transfer of Assumed Liability. This needs to be done before commencement.
  • The levy charge becomes due when development commences and a Form 6: Commencement Notice should be completed and sent to the council.  Notification of commencement will trigger the production of a Demand Notice that will provide 60 days to pay the levy from the date commencement started or is about to start. 
  • Development commenced under general consent is liable to pay CIL. 'General consent' includes permitted development rights granted under the General Permitted Development Order 1995. If you intend to commence development under general consent you must submit a Form 5: Notice of Chargeable Development before you commence your development. The only exception to this requirement to submit a Notice of Chargeable Development is if the development in question is less than 100 square metres of new floorspace and the development does not comprise one or more new dwellings.  

Please note that late notification and payment attract penalties such as a 20% surcharge, the removal of the 60 day payment period and even CIL stop notices.