Planning application forms

Other planning application forms

Other application forms, guidance notes on how to complete each form and checklists for the information required are available to download in pdf format from the Planning Portal website using the links below.

Applications can also be made online via the Planning Portal website.

Please print and complete the appropriate form and return by post to the address below, or in person to Planning Reception at the Civic Centre. Further information on applying for planning permission is also available.

Before submitting your application, please make sure you have looked at the relevant checklist and enclosed the appropriate application fee. 

Download forms, checklist and guidance notes

  1. Use this form for alterations, extension or demolition of a Listed Building:
    Listed Building Consent (file size 452KB)
    Guidance notes (file size 45.0KB)
  2. Use this form for demolition in a Conservation Area: 
    Conservation Area Consent for demolition (file size 444KB)
    Guidance notes (file size 31.7KB)
  3. Use this form to display an advertisement: 
    Control of advertisement consent (file size 447KB)
    Guidance notes (file size 26.8KB)
  4. Use this form for tree works subject to a Tree Preservation Order or tree works in a Conservation Area: 
    Application for tree works (file size 440KB)
    Guidance notes (file size 132KB)
  5. Use this form for removal of a condition following planning permission: 
    Application for removal or variation of a condition (file size 444KB) 
    Guidance notes (file size 18.3KB)
  6. Use this form for approval of details reserved by a condition or conditions on a permission or consent: 
    Application for approval of details reserved by condition (file size 439KB)
    Guidance notes (file size 18.0KB)
  7. Use this form for the removal of hedgerows:
    Works to trees - hedgerow removal (file size 438KB) 
    Guidance notes (file size 25.0KB)
  8. Use this form for a new planning permission to replace an extant planning permission in order to extend the time limit for implementation or for replacement listed building / and or conservation area consent
    Application to extend time limit (file size 311KB)
    Guidance notes (file size 14.5KB)
  9. Use this form for a non-material amendment following the grant of planning permission
    Application for non-material amendment to planning permission (file size 257KB)
    Guidance notes (file size 11.1KB)
  10. This declaration should be completed if you are proposing a small/minor extension in an area designated as flood zone 2 or 3
    Householder and other minor extensions in flood zone 2 and 3 declaration form