Tree protection

How can I get a tree protected?

Priority for TPOs is generally given to trees that are considered to be under threat, for example, where development is proposed.  TPOs are particularly important where trees are in immediate danger.  In making TPOs, we must show that a reasonable degree of public benefit would accrue. The trees should, therefore, normally be visible from a public place, such as a road or footpath.

Trees may be worthy of preservation for a variety of reasons including:
  • their intrinsic value;
  • their contribution to the landscape;
  • because they serve to screen an eyesore or future development;
  • they are scarce; or
  • the value of a group of trees or woodland collectively.

Other factors such as the importance of a site as a wildlife habitat may be taken into consideration, but alone would not be sufficient to justify the making of an order.

We are not responsible for the maintenance of trees with TPOs - this remains the responsibility of the owner - but our permission is usually required before carrying out work.  

Request a tree preservation order 

If you feel that there are any trees in need of protection, then contact us using the  tree preservation enquiry form with the details of the tree(s) and reasons why you think the tree(s) should be protected.

We will then assess the tree(s) and its amenity value and can make a preservation order. Once this has been made, we will let the owner of the tree know by writing to them and other interested parties, enclosing a copy of the order.  The affected parties can make comment about the order within 28 days. We will then take these comments into account when we decide whether to confirm the order.