Tree protection

Trees in conservation areas

There are 45 conservation areas in Bromley, which have been designated because of their special character and appearance.

The law requires that anyone planning to cut down or carry out work to a tree in a conservation area must legally give us six weeks notice of their intention to do so. The purpose of this notice is to give us the opportunity to consider whether a Tree Preservation Order should be made.

You can check whether a tree is in a conservation area on our interactive map.

Protected trees map.

Giving notice of work

You will need to provide the following information when giving notice to carry out work

  • Numbers and species of trees
  • Nature and extent of pruning works – these must be expressed in accordance with the current industry standard BS3998:2010
  • Location of tree – sketch plan showing the location of the tree/s in relation to the property and road
  • If the application/notification is made due to structural damage a report from a structural engineer must be submitted with the application/notification.
  • If the application/notification is made due to concerns of the condition and or structural integrity of the tree/s then a report from a qualified Arboriculturalist must accompany the application.
You do not need to notify us if you want to cut down or work on a tree that is less than 7.5cm in diameter (measured 1.5m above ground) or 10cm if you are thinning to help the growth of other trees. There is also no need to follow the notification procedure when a tree is dead or has become dangerous and action needs to be taken quickly for safety reasons, although you should let us know if you are taking down a tree in these circumstances.


Complete the tree work application form.