Tree planting

For every tree removed, we aim to plant another one making sure it is the appropriate species, has a supporting stake, protective cage and watering bag.  Generally, trees are only removed if there is a risk to public safety, damage to property or for good arboriculture reasons. The tree planting season is from December to March.

Request a new memorial tree to be planted

Trees are often planted in memory of a loved one and we will offer you a selection of tree species in the park of your choice, provide location options and detailed costs.

To make a request, go to locating the park you have chosen, making it clear that you are requesting a memorial tree and leave your contact details. We will look at our planting schedule and provide you with a list of tree species, location options to choose from and a breakdown of cost.

The tree planting season is from December to March and if you wish to request a tree planted for current season, please contact us before the end of September.  

Request a new public tree to be planted

If you are aware of an empty tree pit somewhere in the borough, or if you would like to request a tree to be planted outside your property you can do so by submitting a request to 

We are committed to replacing trees and growing our tree stock so we welcome any help in identifying potential planting sites.