Household waste and recycling collections

Waste and recycling collections

Please check if there are known delays or collection problems before reporting a missed collection.

We provide a collection service for your household waste. This waste should be put out for collection by 7am on your collection day.

Check your next collection day details or download a calendar.

On your collection day we collect

Your waste needs to be securely contained and placed at the front of your property within arm's reach of the pavement (edge of curtilage) but not on it. We will collect household waste that fits easily into a standard size dustbin. If you are using your own wheelie bin to contain your waste, the waste needs to be bagged in standard size refuse sacks to enable safe collection.

We supply containers for all recycling collections but residents are expected to provide their own containers for non-recyclable refuse.

More information is available on our frequently asked questions page.

Download our recycling guide

Recycling for flats

We provide plastics, cans and glass; paper and card and non-recyclable collections for flats of 6 units or more.

My collection has been missed - what should I do?

Sorry if we have missed your collection. Please let us know when this happens so we can find out what went wrong and return to collect it. Sometimes collections are 'missed' because they haven't been put out by 7am or left in the correct place, which is at the edge of the property's boundary.

To report your missed collection use our missed collection report form. Please only report missed collections after 3pm on the day of collection and within two working days. You can also report an ongoing problem with your waste or recycling collection - for instance, if your waste has been missed on a number of occasions.

Specialised collections

We do not collect the following items in these regular collections.  Placing these items in your household waste may result in your waste not being collected:

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