Paper recycling collections

Frequently asked questions

Information about every other week paper and card collections.

When did this happen?

The new style every other week paper and card collections will start on your usual waste collection day, in the week beginning Monday 29 June 2015.

Why did you change the collection frequency? 

The amount of paper being collected has been declining for a little while now, which is part of a national trend, as we go digital and read more online and less on paper, with less post and more emails too for instance.

It is estimated that the changes will actually save up to £500,000 per year, which will help to support other frontline services and help suppress future Council Tax rises at what remains an unprecedented and critical time for Local Government funding.

What waste collections do I get?

All residents have paper recycling collected every other week, the same frequency as the ‘green box’ recycling collections and the non-recyclable refuse.

On your collection day we will collect

View or download our recycling guide.

We have written to residents and included collection calendars to let them know. Residents living in flats generally already receive an every other week collection, and this has continued.

Have collection days changed? 

Only a small proportion of residents had a new collection day and or schedule change to make sure that the revised service remained at maximum efficiency. We wrote separately to affected residents about these changes which also started in the week beginning Monday 29 June.

I have too much paper for my box, what should I do?

It is still important to recycle as much as you can. If you have extra paper one week that doesn’t fit into your box, you can use carrier bags for the surplus.

If you regularly collect more paper than fits in your box or you need a replacement box, you can request recycling containers online.

How should I store my black box paper recycling? 

Ideally, the paper should be kept dry so storing it indoors - in a garage or porch for example – is perfect. If you need to leave your paper in the black box outside, you might want to cover it by placing your green box on top.

How can I stop paper in my box blowing away? 

Nets are available to cover your box and keep the contents contained. The nets, which can be tied to the box handle to ensure they don’t get lost, can be purchased from libraries and cost £1.20 each.

Alternatively, you could weigh it down with a brick or other heavy object.

I am personally disposing of more paper than ever. Is it true that less paper is being collected?

As the numbers of people going digital has increased, by reading information online and on tablets for instance, the amount of paper collected has declined.  Since 2008/2009, the amount of paper collected across the borough has declined by 26 percent or 4574 tonnes, with the national picture showing a similar trend, with tonnage down 30 percent or 179,059 tonnes from April to June 2008 compared with the same period in 2014. The borough statistics are shown below.

Year  Paper tonnages collected 
 2008/09  17,514
 2009/10  17,038
 2010/11  16,895
 2011/12  15,687
 2012/13  15,877
 2013/14  14,436
 2014/15  12,940

It is vitally important that you continue to recycle as much paper as possible which is part of the reason we have publicised this issue over the last year.  If you find you are filling up your paper recycling box, you can request another recycling container and further advice is available in some of the other questions and answers on this page.