Recycling and waste collection day changes

From 16 September your recycling and waste collection services are changing. Collections will be on a different day from your usual collection day for the majority of Bromley households.

Most households will also have new recycling collections. Batteries, small electricals and clothes and textiles will be collected weekly. We are doing this to help support more efficient and reliable recycling and waste collections and improved recycling.

Your questions answered

What is changing?

From 16 September there will be a day change for recycling and waste collections for the majority of Bromley households. The frequency and pattern of collections will remain the same with food waste and plastic, glass and tins recycling one week, and food waste, paper recycling and non-recyclable refuse the next. If you subscribe to our garden waste collection service, this collection day will not change.

Also, many households will also be able to recycle batteries, small electrical items and textiles, including clothing as part of their door to door recycling services.

Why are collection days / schedules changing? 

To help support more efficient and reliable recycling and waste collection services and make our operations more streamlined, collection days have been reorganised into ‘collection zones’ and new vehicles have been introduced.

These new vehicles, which are no longer ‘split bodied’ will provide increased capacity and have either black box or green box recycling dedicated collections. Small amounts of household batteries, textiles and small electricals will also be collected. This means vehicles will now be full to capacity before travelling, minimising the amount of unnecessary journeys to unload. 

Resources can also be concentrated in each area, providing cover in the event of breakdowns while vehicles will also have the technology to reduce transport emissions, improve safety through 360 cameras to view blind spots, with the technology on board the vehicle able to support better web reporting of problems.  

Will the service change affect me?

Most residents are affected - if you are affected, we will contact you directly.

When should I put out my recycling and waste for collection?

Please continue to put out your recycling and waste at the edge of your property before 7am on your usual day of collection.

What is my new collection day?

From 16 September most households will have a different recycling and waste collection day. 

You can see what day your new recycling and waste collection day will be from 16 September  - download new recycling and waste collection days list

We will be distributing a recycling and waste guide to all households in the borough at the beginning of September along with a collection calendar so that all residents know what is being collected and when and how to recycle.

The existing schedule is also available to download, where collection calendars, both for week 1 and week 2 are available, depending on whether your street is part of a collection schedule for week 1 or week 2.

What does week 1 and week 2 mean?

This is largely for administrative purposes and you don’t need to worry about this but collection schedules are different in different parts of the borough, with some streets receiving a paper or recycling collection on the same day that other streets receive a non-recyclable refuse collection, different collection calendars apply according to where you live.  It helps to know whether your road is on the ‘week 1’ or ‘week 2’ schedule so that you can download the right collection calendar. 

Is it correct that I have to wait 3 weeks for my next green box recycling collection?

Please check the collection calendar for details but for some residents, who have new collection days, there may have a longer gap than usual in collections as they change to their new collection pattern. Residents affected by this are likely to have a non-recyclable refuse collection instead (because this is the pattern) as they move to their new collection pattern. Weekly food waste collections also mean there is little or no wait for potentially ‘smelly’ food waste to be collected. If the recycling can be stored, it can be presented at the next green box recycling collection, in a plastic bag (not black sack) loosely tied. Residents can also use the Reuse and Recycling sites or a local recycling bank.

What should I do if my recycling and waste isn't collected?

All of your waste and recycling will be collected on the same day but please be aware that some of your collections will be at different times. Ensure you leave out your recycling for our crews to collect until the end of the day before reporting a missed collection, and report this within two working days of the collection.  If the waste container was not presented at the edge of your property by 7am you will be asked to wait until your next collection day.

On occasion, there may be incidents that cause delays to your waste collections. If your waste hasn’t been collected, you can check our website at to see which streets are affected by delays we’re aware of. If the website doesn’t show a delay in your area, we may have genuinely missed collecting your bins on this occasion. You can report this to us at

Are garden waste collections affected by the changes?

No, they remain on the existing collection days. Our popular regular garden waste collections are continuing as per the existing collection days and schedules. 


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