Traffic calming and speed management

Bromley Council receives many reports regarding speeding traffic. Resolving speeding concerns is a complex issue that can involve engineering, driver education and enforcement. 

Only a few road safety improvement schemes are approved each year on a strict priority basis, which is based on their ability to reduce known accidents and, therefore, would be prioritised based on the recorded personal injury accident data, supplied by the Metropolitan Police.

In addition to the above, we will investigate to ascertain whether the road would be suitable for minor improvements, such as:

  • SLOW’ road markings;
  • Temporary or permanent electronic vehicle activated signs (VAS)
  • Temporary road safety posters 
  • Speed surveys where necessary.

Road humps

In 2002 Bromley Council's Executive, having considered the evidence for and against vertical speed reduction installations (ie road humps), decided that schemes should only include vertical deflections in extreme circumstances.

Repeater signs 

It should be noted that 30mph repeater signs are not applicable where street lights are present as prescribed by the Department for Transport's Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions document. 

Traffic violations 

The Metropolitan Police are responsible for all moving traffic violations in the borough, including speeding; offences such as obstruction and contravention of prohibited turning movements or weight limits.  

These issues can be reported directly to the Metropolitan Police or more locally to the Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Request speeding improvement scheme

If you would still like to make a request that we look at a particular location please complete our traffic enquiry form