Reducing traffic congestion

Traffic congestion often occurs during peak periods when demand is high but can also occur when incidents or roadworks disrupt the general traffic flow. Demand for travel is also increasing, due to increasing car ownership and new housing developments, both within and outside the boroughs boundaries.

We are committed to reducing unnecessary traffic congestion and delay on our road network.  We use data from a number of sources to measure congestion and, where possible, we will seek to make improvements to the network. 

These schemes tend to be quite considerable both in terms of size and budget and there are often a number of issues which make the design challenging such as buildings, utilities, land ownership etc.  These schemes usually take a long time to get from instigation to completion as a result.

Where possible, we try to look at an entire route or corridor rather than an individual junction, although there are examples of individual junctions being improved.  Schemes get chosen on a basis of the level of traffic and congestion relative to other sites in the borough, the likely impact of a scheme and value for money.


All schemes also go through a comprehensive consultation process and support for the schemes must be gained from ward councillors and Portfoilo Holder, a majority of the directly affected residents/businesses and the wider community advised through local media.

Any objections raised during the process may cause delays to the scheme being implemented; a change to the design or costs and may potentially cause the scheme to be rejected. 

Contacting us about traffic congestion

If you would still like to request that we look at a particular location please complete our traffic enquiry form.