Albemarle Road - traffic management alterations

As part of London’s recovery from the COVID-19 lockdown, with reduced capacity on public transport, Central government has directed that space should be made available to facilitate social distancing and improve the walking and cycling experience between key destinations.

As part of these measures and to improve connections between Beckenham and Bromley Town Centres, funding has been secured for temporary changes to Albemarle Road to make it a safer and attractive cycle route and walking experience between the junction with St Georges Road (near to Beckenham Junction Station) and Bromley Road. St Georges Road will remain two directional to traffic.

Main changes

  • Motor vehicle traffic will no longer be two directional between St Georges Road and Bromley Road and a cycle contraflow (a segregated cycle path to allow cyclists to travel in the opposite direction to traffic) will be installed.
  • Existing on street parking will be retained on one side of Albemarle Road only.
  • As well as encouraging cycling it is anticipated that residents will experience less noise disturbance and benefit from improved air quality from reduced traffic levels.
  • The scheme will also link with cycle improvements to Bromley Road including a new zebra crossing linking Albemarle Road with Bromley Road and Bishop Challoner school and segregated cycle lanes on both sides of the road. The peak hour bus lane will be removed as part of the works.
  • The rail bridge on Westgate Road will be trialled as one directional. Cars will be restricted to one directional travel from The Avenue towards Albemarle Road (southbound). 

Update – February 2021

In response to feedback received the council are proposing changes to the existing experimental traffic management on Albemarle Road. The proposed changes are –

(a) Re-introduce 2-way traffic on Albemarle Road between St Georges and Westgate Road whilst retaining the west to east segregated cycle lane and

(b) Re-introduce 2-way traffic onto Westgate Road bridge controlled by the addition of traffic lights (with timings to manage tidal flows) to avoid driver conflicts.

These changes are anticipated to resolve the issues of queuing traffic towards Beckenham Junction, whilst maintaining the core objective of the scheme by providing an attractive option for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Signalisation of Westgate Road bridge is being proposed to assist with traffic flow, especially at peak hours, and to prevent vehicles coming nose to nose as they cross, which in the past has led to confrontation.

The consultation on the proposed changes closed on 3 March 2021. Download the consultation report.


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