Scotts Avenue traffic management proposals

The proposed scheme to alter the junction of Scotts Avenue and Bromley Road, is designed to improve safety of cyclists using the new cycle lane on Bromley Road. It is good practice to avoid traffic turning across a cycle lane, particularly if vehicles are approaching a cyclist from behind.

This  scheme involved closing Scotts Avenue to through traffic altogether, by using planters outside house number 5 to close the road at that point (option 1).

We consulted with residents of Scotts Avenue on the original scheme and after feedback from residents, an alternative was proposed whereby signage and planters would be used to stop motorised traffic entering Scotts Avenue from Bromley Road, whilst allowing two-way traffic on Scotts Avenue and vehicles to exit at both ends of the road (Option 2).

Option 3 proposes to make no changes and to leave Scotts Avenue as it is at present.

We are now consulting with the residents of Scotts Avenue again and the Traffic Management Team have created a survey allowing residents to state their preference on the proposed scheme.

All responses to the proposals must be registered via this survey.

To share your views as a resident of Scotts Avenue please complete the Scotts Avenue traffic management proposals survey