Traffic management on Albemarle Road and Westgate Road Bridge - consultation

As you are probably aware, experimental measures to introduce cycle lanes and change traffic management on Albemarle Road have been implemented. Westgate Road bridge has also been made one directional to traffic, with drivers only permitted to drive north to south. The conflicts of drivers coming nose-to-nose on the bridge has long been a matter for concern – well before the nearby cycle route was installed.

These experimental changes were made as part of the council’s long-term ambition to improve cycling and walking links between Bromley and Beckenham. The benefit of experimental schemes is that they can be changed, improved, or removed.

The council is now consulting with residents on the traffic management of Albemarle Road and traffic flow over Westgate Road bridge.

Proposed options

The options that are being considered are:

1) Continue the trial with the introduction of the following two amendments –

(a) re-introduce two-way traffic on Albemarle Road between St Georges and Westgate Road whilst retaining the west to east segregated cycle lane and

(b) re-introduce two-way traffic onto Westgate Road bridge controlled by the addition of traffic lights (with timings to manage tidal flows) to avoid driver conflicts.

2) Revert Albemarle Road and Westgate Road (bridge) to their pre-trial arrangements.

If the decision is made to continue the trial further consultation(s) will occur once the impact of the changes has been established. If the decision is made to revert to pre-trial arrangements the changes will be removed, and the experimental project will end, and the council will be unable to access the funding for signalisation of the Westgate Road bridge as a stand-alone scheme.

The proposed amendments are in response to feedback received and are anticipated to resolve the issues of queuing traffic towards Beckenham Junction, whilst maintaining the core objective of the scheme by providing an attractive option for pedestrians and cyclists alike. The signalisation of the bridge is being proposed to assist with traffic flow, especially at peak hours, and to prevent vehicles coming nose to nose as they cross, which in the past has led to confrontation.

Consultation survey

This survey closed on 3 March 2021, thank you to all those who responded.

Download the consultation report.