Court Road proposals to improve walking and road safety

We have sent a letter to selected residents asking for positive and negative views they may have regarding the council’s proposals to improve walking and road safety on Court Road, between The Highway and Goddington Lane.

Following a review of Court Road it was decided that although the overall number of collisions on this section of the A224 is relatively low, there is an opportunity to improve walking facilities on Court Road. The will to enable connectivity to the various recreational facilities found on the eastern side of Court Road, such as Goddington Park and the rugby club. It was considered that sufficient improvements could be achieved by reducing crossing distances, reducing speeds and increasing the size of pedestrian refuges.

Collisions on this section of Court Road have been primarily vehicles impacting other vehicles around the junction of Charterhouse Road, plus one recent fatal collision with a pedestrian close to the Goddington Lane’s junction.

Court Road is the Orpington by-pass and is intended to carry the bulk of vehicle traffic to alleviate use of side roads by vehicles with the undesirable environmental and road safety consequences use of residential roads implies. Any road changes in the area needed to introduce improvements without diverting traffic onto residential roads.  As part of the evidence gathering, we conducted vehicle numbers and speed survey and counts of pedestrians crossing the road in May 2021.

This consultation has now closed. The results of the consultation will now be presented to Ward Councillors and published by way of report in due course.

This consultation closed on 2 January 2021.

Use of your personal data

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