Street parties and public events

If you would like to have a street party you need to ask the council for permission.  We will try wherever possible to give permission for a street party. We need to be contacted at least 10 weeks before your party date so your application can be processed and charges may apply.  If a road closure order is needed, this takes 12 weeks.

Find out more about applying for permission for a street party.

Special events

We are able to close all or part of a road to facilitate a special event on or near the highway.  Events may include, Christmas lights, street markets, sporting events and Remembrance Day services. 

Find out more and apply for permission to close the road for a special event.

If you're planning to hold an event which involves a large gathering of people, Bromley Council coordinate a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to help in the planning and coordination of large public events.

Notify us about your event