Adult and family cycle training

We are working hard to provide cycle training to as many adults and families as possible.  If you are interested in registering for cycle training, please complete a request for adult or family cycle training.

We offer free Bikeability Cycling Courses for children and adults of all abilities, from absolute beginners that have never ridden a bike before to people that need to build bike-handling skills appropriate to their level of experience. At the moment we are not able to assist anyone who is unable to ride a bike

Basic Cycle Skills

Learn to cycle with a free session tailored to you. You will practice in a safe, traffic free environment with a fully qualified instructor. In a session you will learn the basics, build skills and gain confidence. These Learn To Ride sessions are available to anyone aged 16 or above.

Urban Cycle Skills

Improve your cycling skills with a free session tailored to you. You will start in a safe off-road environment to refresh your cycling technique and develop new skills before moving on to practice on quiet roads. 

Advanced Cycle Skills

Perfect your cycling techniques with a free session from a fully qualified trainer. Improve your performance when dealing with complex junctions, heavy traffic or cycling at night and receive assurance that you are cycling efficiently and effectively.

Why not enrol on one of our courses to get you started, improve your confidence or gain useful 'on road' cycling skills? We are here to help you on your way and run a series of cycle-training sessions, catering for all levels, throughout the year.

Adult cycle training 

The Adult Bikeability Training is available in group sessions that last 2–4 hours and cater to different abilities. Each participant must provide their own, roadworthy bike to participate in the above training sessions. 

Escorted rides for commuting to your place of work or study

As part of this free service we are able to plan a suitable route and then ride it with you so that you become familiar and more at ease, thereafter you are able to complete the journey on your own.

Family cycle training

Our bespoke Family Cycle Training is delivered one-to-one with each family, which may consist of up to 2 adults and 2 children per instructor. Children must be aged 10 or over, and the session will cater to the needs of the least-able cyclist in the family. All participants must be able to cycle independently without assistance.

Lessons are 2 hours, and each participant must provide their own, roadworthy bike.  These courses are free.  To find out more, please email or telephone the Road Safety Team.

Child cycle training

Child Cycle training is offered to children who live or attend school in Bromley, and is provided through their schools.

Cycle safety

Find out more about cycle safety checks

Road safety


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