Charity collections

If you wish to collect donations for a charity on the street or house to house, you will need to contact the Metropolitan police and they will supply you with badges and a certificate, which our enforcement officers may request to see.


To ensure your donations reach the cause of your choice here are a few guidelines: 

  • check the collector is wearing an official signed badge and not a photocopy.
  • make sure the collection box has a slot for the donation with the name of the charity on it. Avoid collectors with open buckets or other open containers.
  • be wary of collectors dressed as doctors, nurses or vicars.
  • never donate by buying a ticket with a chance of winning a foreign holiday.  Hardly any of the money reaches the charity.
  • be wary of professional charity collectors, who are paid to persuade - make sure the charity is genuine.

Metropolitan Police Charities Branch

Address: Charities, TP HQ, Room 443, Victoria Embankment, Westminster, London SW1A 2JL

Tel: 020 7321 7129