Water pollution

Are you concerned about swimming pool water quality?

When you use any swimming pool, it is quite normal for your eyes to feel sore for a few hours afterwards, unless you used goggles. It is not normal, though, to develop any sort of skin rash, stomach upset, or ear/nose infection. If you are concerned about the quality of the water in a pool that you use, contact us for further information and we will take the appropriate action.


There are a large number of swimming pools in the borough. For instance

  • some are open to the public
  • some are in private sports clubs or schools
  • some are in private homes

All swimming pool water is treated so that levels of bacteria do not rise to dangerous levels. Outdoor pools are particularly at risk from dirt in the atmosphere and birds; but indoor pools are also at risk because the people using the pool are never completely clean. You should always shower before entering the pool.


There is a charge for this service, please contact us for further information about our charges.

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