Local authority searches

If you are about to buy a property in the borough, we can carry out a local authority search. Every time a property or piece of land is purchased or re-mortgaged a local authority search is usually required. We investigate whether there are any legal restrictions or development proposals affecting the property and bring together information from many parts of the council for you.


The information supplied is usually everything required by the applicants or their solicitors from the local authority when buying a house. Over 95% of searches are returned on the same or next working day as received.

Examples of information given on the search result include:

  • conservation areas
  • road adoptions and schemes
  • Unitary Development Plan designations
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • legal documents
  • formal and informal notices
  • financial charges
  • listed buildings
  • planning history
  • outstanding building regulation matters

A local land charges search will not tell you who owns a property or piece of land. For this information, contact the Croydon Land Registry or for council owned land, our Valuation and Estates team.

Please note that Home Information Packs (HIPS), have now been suspended by the government.


HM Revenue and Customs have announced that VAT (at 20 percent) will be applicable to CON29 fees.

The current fee for a residential search is £89 and a search on a commercial property is £155. These fees are inclusive of the applicable VAT. Cheques should be made payable to 'LB Bromley'

View the full current list of fees for land charges searches.

Local land charges


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