AS/2 level courses

Wildlife conservation (KS4 AS/2)

This course involves a tour of the High Elms Local Nature Reserve to observe the many different habitats that exist on site, and to discuss their conservation and management; particularly the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

Management techniques including 

  • Coppicing
  • hedge-laying
  • meadow cutting regimes
  • freshwater management
  • footpath maintenance
  • invasive species management
  • Footpath erosion/trampling 

    This session can be combined with the above to create a full day of wildlife conservation, particularly relevant for Geography students.

    The course start of by looking at the range of different ways that footpaths can be managed and how this affects the degree of erosion. Students will then collect data to compare footpath erosion at a number of different sites using a range of fieldwork techniques.


    Coppicing as a conservation tool

    Again, this session can be combined with either of the above courses to form a full day of wildlife conservation.

  • Theory of coppicing - how and why it is used 
  • Comparison of species diversity at two coppiced sites, using random sampling techniques 
  • Species identification (as required) 
  • Data analysis (statistical - as required)