AS/2 level courses

Pollution (KS4 AS/2)

The day involves studying both water and air pollution.

Areas covered

Students will be introduced to the different techniques used for testing water quality. They will sample water from different sources and use physical, chemical and biological testing methods. 

  • Measurements of temperature, pH, nitrate, phosphate, ammonium, dissolved oxygen at two freshwater sites
  • Collection, identification and analysis of indicator species at each site 
  • Comparison of results obtained from each site, to national water quality standards
  • Students will carry out an investigation of the effects of air pollution on two different types of vegetation - lichens and Sycamore trees.

  • The use of lichens as pollution indicator species 
  • The appearance of Tar Spot on Sycamore trees and how this is effected by air pollution 
  • A comparison of lichen species and Tar Spot on Sycamore trees at two different sites to illustrate the effects of different levels of air pollution