AS/2 level courses

Science: Individual investigations (KS4 AS/2)

This is a 3 day course, with a minimum of two days practical fieldwork techniques, students will select a suitable project with our guidance, and then carry out a complete field investigation, which can be written up and used for the assessed course-work component of their AS/A2 GCE.

The investigation will be used to confirm or reject a hypothesis formulated by the student, using controlled experimental methodology and statistical analysis where appropriate.

Students will be able to:

  • Plan an investigation
  • Implement the investigation
  • Analyse evidence and draw conclusions
  • Evaluate evidence and procedures

Possible study topics

We supervise all student projects and are aware of those projects that work well in the time scale available. However the following projects are only a suggested list and we are very happy for students to come up with their own project as long as it is feasible and agreed by centre staff prior to commencement. 

  • Comparing populations of herbivores and carnivores in a pond
  • Assessing the impact of niche on the diversity of pond invertebrates
  • Comparing pitfall trap catches from different habitats
  • Comparing trampled areas with un-trampled areas using transects
  • Comparative study of managed and unmanaged footpaths
  • Using a Simpson's index to compare animal diversity
  • Comparing the levels of pollution in different ponds
  • Assessing the relationship between plant succession and abiotic factors
  • Comparing species diversity in a newly established versus an established pond 
  • Species diversity under conifer trees
  • Comparison of height and number of prickles on holly leaves