Forest School at BEECHE

An exciting new development here at BEECHE, for schools and early years settings in LB Bromley, and wider.

What is Forest School?

Forest School is a concept adapted from Scandinavian 'Nature Nurseries'. The initiative was set up in this country to enable children to have regular access to high quality outdoor learning, that is both fun and meaningful. Forest School has the philosophy of child-led learning, where the role of the adult is to observe and facilitate rather than lead the learning.


Forest School aims to improve confidence, self-esteem and independence in children, improve language and social skills, and develop healthy lifestyles, as well as an awareness and respect for the natural world. This is achieved through regular visits to Forest School, where children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, by giving them small, achievable tasks, and the time, space and freedom to explore their own learning styles. Tasks and activities are repeated and revisited to consolidate learning and build confidence, and rules and routine are used to help children to feel comfortable and safe within the Forest School environment.


Studies of Nature Nurseries in Sweden have shown that children are happier, have better social skills and co-ordination, and are more able to concentrate than their peers who are placed in city-based nurseries. In addition, they are also healthier and have 25% fewer sick days than city-based children.

In the UK case studies have shown similarly that children who attend Forest School are more open and mix more readily in a variety of social situations. Quiet or introverted children are able to 'come out of their shell' and join in without the pressures they may experience in a classroom environment. Boys particularly benefit from the practical nature of Forest School, as they are working with 'real' things helping to improve their concentration and interest.

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