Moped and scooter rider safety

'Powered Two Wheelers,' and scooters, are very popular with young teenagers as a means of independent travelling. Riders between the ages of 16 and 19 feature highly in accident statistics, and these accidents are often caused by inexperience and sometimes just the exuberance of youth, which can be a lethal mix! 

Motorcycle education in schools

This presentation covers essential topics such as speeding, taking risks, poor overtaking, riding with friends, wearing protective clothing and taking additional on road training.  Pupils are also shown images and videos of crashes, hear an account of a crash by a young amputee and they read statements from parents who have lost children in road accidents. These images and videos are a powerful tool and have a very sobering effect.

Students who are already riding are given the opportunity to spend a day with Metropolitan Police Motorcyclists on a BikeSafe/ScooterSafe course, free of charge, in order to get good practical advice and experience when riding on the road.

This course does not aim to deter young people from riding motorcycles, where possible positive messages are given, such as being more independent and having an opportunity to gain useful road experience before learning to drive, but it is important that all motorcyclists are made aware of the possible consequences of the choices they make and of their responsibilities, not only to themselves, but to other road users too.

Approximately 1300 students receive this talk each year and we are confident that they take vital information from our visit and that they consider seriously the importance of safety when riding.

Rider assessments and training

To arrange your free motorbike or scooter training please contact our Road Safety team.

For more information about motorcycle, scooter and moped safety checks visit ScooterSafe-London or BikeSafe-London

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