Special educational needs

Coronavirus Covid-19:

The return to school for all pupils in the autumn term

The government announced that all pupils, in all year groups would return to full-time education at the beginning of the autumn term. They published guidance to support all schools, including mainstream and alternative provision, which applied to primary, secondary, infant, junior, school-based nurseries and boarding schools.

 Government guidance for the full opening of schools for all children.

Special schools

Guidance for the full opening of special schools and other specialist settings This sets out the actions special education leaders should take to minimise the risk of transmission in their setting and the additional or different considerations for special educational settings compared to mainstream. The guidance includes school operations, curriculum, behaviour and pastoral support, assessment and accountability and contingency planning to provide continuity of education in the case of a local outbreak.

Additional information on the return to specialist educational settings for children and young people in Bromley is also available from the Local Offer SendMatters: Coronavirus (COVID-19) pages..