Education health and care (EHC) plans

About education, health and care (EHC) plans

Education, health and care (EHC) plans look at all your child's needs and brings together education, health and care services to achieve agreed outcomes. The focus is very much on what is important for children and young people – what they and you want to achieve now and in the future.

EHC plans are available from birth to 25 years old. Children, young people and families are at the centre of the assessment and planning process and 16 - 25 years old should be especially involved in the planning.
We will make sure you have time to prepare for meetings and share your views. You can come to any tests or assessments your child needs. We are responsible for making sure all the services are brought together and that the plan is well co-ordinated.

What is an EHC plan and who is it for


Requesting an EHC needs assessment

Find out how to request an EHC needs assessment using our online tool.

Download Education Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment guide

If you need support to complete this request please contact the Information Advice and Support service for help and advice 

Using the EHCP Portal

The EHCP portal is a secure, online platform created with parents and children/young people in mind. The EHCP Portal allows you to request an EHC plan assessment, to track the progress of your EHC plan and view deadlines, reports and evidence submitted by professionals.

Guidance for using the ECHP portal can be downloaded from the Bromley Education Matters website.

Issuing EHC plans

We will decide whether to give your child an education, health and care (EHC) plan after a formal assessment of their needs. We will complete the assessment and planning within 20 weeks..

If we decide not to make an EHC plan

We will tell you within 16 weeks of starting the education, health and care assessment if they decide not to make a plan for your child. Even if  we don't give your child a plan, we may still offer them support..

Find out more about SEN support 

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You have  two months to appeal to a tribunal if  Bromley Council decide not to make an EHC plan. We will tell you how to appeal.

Find out more about mediation

If we decide to make an EHC plan

Bromley Council will write an EHC plan for your child if we decide your child's needs cannot be met by their current school or nursery's arrangements.

The plan will set out the long term outcomes and the help that will be provided. We will explain the help that is available and involve you in decisions about how any funding is used. In some cases you may be able to receive a personal budget. You and your child should be central to developing the plans and involved at every stage. We will discuss the plan with you. You'll be able to comment on the draft plan before the final one is issued.

View an example of our Bromley EHC plan template

If your child is due to start or change school in September you must tell Bromley Council which school you'd like your child to go to within 15 days of receiving the draft EHC plan.

Find out more about naming a school


if you disagree with the final plan you can make an appeal. We will tell you how to appeal. Find out more about mediation.

Reviewing the EHC plan

Bromley Council review you child's plan every year in a meeting with you and potentially your child.
During the meeting you will:

  • check the support your child has received over the past year has helped them to make progress
  • see if your child's needs have changed in any way
  • plan for the next year
  • See if the plan is still suitable or needs changing.

View an example of our Bromley EHC plan annual review template

Year 9 review of EHC plans (age 13-14)

Being supported towards gaining greater independence and learning skills towards employment can be life-changing for children and young people with SEND. Preparing for adulthood should happen from their earliest years and no later than by Year 9 (age 13 or 14).

Year 9 annual review will be the first of several transition/planning meetings that take place every year with the young person until they leave school in Year 11 or Year 14 where the focus should be around preparing for adulthood.

Visit our transition from year 9 - preparing for adulthood page for more information which includes useful resources to support your child or young person through the process.

My Life, My Review

These resources provide useful tools for practitioners and families when engaging with children and young people with special educational needs (SEND). The resources will enable practitioners and families to turn good intentions into effective practice, enabling children, young people with SEND to be involved in discussions and decisions about their individual support.

Download My Life My Review booklet

Download My Life My Review pupil contribution form

Changes to the EHC plan

We will always ask for your views before changing your child's plan. You can appeal to the special educational needs and disability tribunal if you disagree with the changes.

Find out more about the tribunal 

Making the "C" in EHC plans count

C” is for care; your child’s care should be an important aspect of his or her growth. Education, Health and Care Plans should include outcomes for your child/young person’s Social Needs (such as greater independence and meeting friends).The plan must include their views.

There are documents to help you and your child with EHC outcomes.These include examples of questions your SENCO or family support worker may ask you before your EHC plan meeting to generate a conversation about your son/daughter’s social needs and a young person's social needs toolkit.