Early years targeted and specialist services

For children who are resident in the London Borough of Bromley who have severe or complex special educational needs and/or disability (SEND), a range of targeted or specialist education services and provision is available.

This includes:

Initial assessment

Following a referral, the appropriate professional will contact the family to arrange a visit to carry out an initial assessment of the child’s need and discuss potential support options.

This will include gathering information about other agencies supporting the child/family, such as other professionals in health or social care, and where necessary, referring into other appropriate services.

The initial sssessment may take place over several visits particularly if a child attends a pre-school setting.

Pre-school specialist support and disability service

The Pre-school Specialist Support and Disability Service provides early identification, assessment, specialist teaching intervention and transition support for children of pre-school age who have SEND who are resident in Bromley borough or attend a Bromley Early Years settings.

Portage and assessment team

Portage is a home visiting education service for pre-school children who have SEND and their families.

It offers regular weekly or fortnightly visits, when the family and the portage home visitor work in partnership to assess what the child can already do. They then plan specific learning goals to meet the child’s individual needs in liaison with other involved professionals.

Outreach and inclusion

The Outreach and Inclusion Team provides quality support to enable children who have SEND to be fully included in mainstream settings. This includes support and advice about other services and moving on to school.

The area Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) support practitioners in Early Years settings by giving practical advice and training on all aspects of inclusion, with a particular emphasis on early identification and intervention.

Group support for parents and carers

A variety of parent and carer support groups are available for children who already known to the Pre-school Specialist Support and Disability Service.

These group sessions aim to support children to learn, be part of a group and empower parents to meet their child’s needs. Some groups are run jointly with the Speech and Language Therapy Service from Bromley Healthcare.

Other education services children of pre-school age who have SEND may access

Sensory support service (hearing impairment and visual impairment)

Sensory support service offers advice and support at home and in the pre-school settings to families who have a child with a visual or hearing impairment. The service runs baby sign and baby play sessions at Griffins which parents and carers can bring their pre-school children to as well as the use for the sensory room for the development of vision.

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Educational psychologists

Educational psychologist’s work with young children individually, observing them both at home and in pre-school settings as well as carefully listening to families and other professionals concerns about the child’s needs.

Recommendations and advice are suggested in order to encourage a child’s development, learning and prepare a child for school.

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Transition to school

All children known to the services above will be offered a supported transition to school.

The education keyworker will discuss with parents/carers the support options available to their child once they have started school.

For a very few children support from our service in the first term at school may be offered to provide some continuity of support.

Special educational needs assessment and statutory assessment

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A small number of children may require a formal statutory assessment known as education, health and care needs assessment. Find more information about education, health and care plans.


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