SEN transport review

We are re-commissioning transport services to begin in September 2020 for people who are assessed as eligible because of their Special Educational Needs.

The contract for the transport services is due to end and we want to make sure that any new services that are commissioned meet the needs of people using the service. 

During July and August we are engaging with users of the current Transport Service, their families and carers via an online survey. Through this survey we hope to receive feedback from people who use these services to aid us in understanding what is important to them and how the service could be improved in future arrangements.

The criteria for eligibility to use the new service will not change and our transport policy for children and young people with Special Educational Needs is not under review at this time.

The survey is being carried out during July and August and will close on Sunday 18 August.  As well as the family of those who use the service we would also like to hear directly from young people aged 16 and over.  If a family has more than one child using the service you may complete a questionnaire for each child if you wish.

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The consultation period closed on the 18 August - thank you to everyone who responded.

Further information

 Please see frequently asked questions about the  review of the service.

The results of the survey will contribute to the commissioning of the new transport service.Commissioners will take into consideration what is important to those who use the service, the positive aspects of the current service and the improvements that people using the service would like to see.Where possible these improvements will be built into the new service requirements.