SEN transport review

SEN transport re-commissioning - frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the re-commissioning of  the  SEN transport service

Why are we re-commissioning the service?

The current contracts for SEN Transport will end in August 2020 and cannot be extended further.  It is now necessary to begin the process of putting the service out to tender in order to appoint new service providers from September 2020.   

What am I being asked in the survey?

The survey is asking for your feedback on the SEN transport service provided by Bromley Council.

What am I not being asked about in this survey?

The survey does not cover the following areas:

  • The SEN Transport Policy.  The policy and how it is administered is not being changed in any way. 

Will transport for the academic year 2019/20 be affected?

The SEN transport service will continue to operate as usual for the academic year 2019/20.

How might the re-commissioning affect the SEN Transport Service from September 2020?

We do not expect that there should be any significant effect on the way the transport service is currently delivered.

Will the way a child or young person is transported be affected?

We are not expecting any changes from the current way our SEN transport services are delivered.  Children and young people, who are eligible, will continue to have access to travel assistance.

Will the same organisation that provides my current service do so from September 2020?

There may be different providers delivering providing future services.

Will the same staff continue to provide my current service from September 2020?

Currently we are unable to state which organisations will be providing future services.

What is the mileage allowance mentioned in the survey?

Parents can request a mileage allowance to transport their child or young person to and from their named provision.  A mileage allowance can be offered where this achieves value for money – this is good practice, not a statutory duty.  A personal budget for transport assistance can be refused if it would not achieve overall value for money for the council.

Mileage allowances for transport can be pooled by several families to pay for transport they organise themselves.  If you are interested in learning more about a mileage allowance for transport assistance, please email the SEN transport team on

What will happen to the results of the survey?

The results of the survey will contribute to the commissioning of the new transport service.Commissioners will take into consideration what is important to those who use the service, the positive aspects of the current service and the improvements that people using the service would like to see.Where possible these improvements will be built into the new service requirements.