Light nuisance

You can contact us if you are affected by artificial lighting which you believe is causing an unreasonable interference with your use and enjoyment of your home.


Light nuisance is a growing problem and most commonly arises from security lights incorrectly positioned leading to bright light intruding into the homes of complainants. Bright shop signage can also be a cause of complaint. Light generated at a variety of premises are exempt from statutory nuisance law. Also planning legislation covers many of these premises. In reality most of the complaints we can deal with are those about domestic security lighting.  

What action will we take?

Where we receive a complaint about light causing a nuisance we will contact the complainant in order to get details about the nature of the complaint. If the light is not exempt from statutory nuisance law (e.g. airports, railway, tramway, bus premises etc.) we will investigate the complaint. If we consider the light could be causing a nuisance we will inform the owner/occupier of the premises of this and request steps be taken to eliminate the nuisance.
Where our requests are ignored we can take formal action (service of notice) against owner/occupier requiring action to abate the nuisance. If the notice is ignored the person served with the notice will be prosecuted and can be fined up to £5000 (£20000 for commercial premises)

The leaflet produced by Environmental Protection UK looks at the different aspects of light pollution, explains the steps that can be taken to reduce it and what you can do if faced with the problem of pollution from light.

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