Busking code of conduct

Where to busk  

We allow busking in the pedestrianised section of Bromley High Street (between Elmfield Road and Market Square).

There are number of pitches in the pedestrianised area which we encourage buskers to set up in.  These can be seen on our busking map.

There are regular markets and special events held in Bromley High Street which may mean that the regular busking pitches are temporarily not available or it may not be appropriate for busking to occur when these are taking place.

If an one of our officers or representatives asks you to cease playing, reduce the volume or to move to a new location please comply.

Often introducing yourself to nearby businesses or traders and letting them know about your performance can make complaints much less likely.

Ensure you are not blocking any entrances, market stalls, cash points or throughways.  There should be enough space for wheelchairs or prams to get around you and your audience even at the busiest times.  Remember some shops may not appreciate you blocking their window displays so please be mindful when setting up.

Remember some sounds clash, please show respect for other performers and their acts by not setting up too close or where sounds will clash.

If there isn’t a suitable busking space please wait for one to become free.

If another performer is waiting for your pitch please share it after an half an hour.

Your performance  

Any equipment should be able to be packed up and moved easily and quickly; we do not allow percussion sets or the use of more than one amplifier.

Performers with a varied repertoire are more popular and attract fewer complaints. If you only know a few songs, move to a new location when you’ve played them.

The biggest cause of complaints is sound. Please think about the amount of sound you make and remember that there are many flats, shops and offices in Bromley High Street, the people inside can’t walk away so be mindful and keep your volume at a very reasonable level.

Some sounds carry over long distances and all sounds can become annoying after a while.

Never leave your equipment unattended or in a manner which poses an obstruction or trip hazard.

Keep backing tracks unobtrusive and turn them off when you’re not performing.

Collecting money

Performers can accept donations but the public must never feel obliged to pay.

If you want to formally sell items such as CDs you will need a street trading licence

Resolving problems

Most issues can be resolved amicably, always be respectful and considerate and try and understand another’s point of view.

Where issues cannot be resolved Bromley Council may intervene and as a last resort may have to take enforcement action.