Bromley Homeseekers – Important Changes

Published Monday, 27 January 2020

Bromley Homeseekers is changing. Those on the register, or about to apply, should note the dates to take action to ensure they continue to get the best from this service.

Please note that the date for the first bidding cycle has been delayed for four  weeks to allow us to assess as many applications as we can before bidding reopens, it will also allow us to fix a technical issue that we currently have.

People already on the register must take action:

  • Re-register between 18 December 2019 and 28 January 2020 to preserve existing banding and effective date.
  • From 18 December 2019, follow the instructions contained in the letter already sent out which gives full details on how to re-register, action is required to re-register by 28 January 2020
  • The last bidding cycle before the change to a more responsive website ended on 16 December 2019.
  • Don’t bid for around 10 weeks from 16 December to allow for the changes.
  • Bid from 26 February 2020, after re-registering on the new site.

People not on the housing register who wish to apply:

  • 12 December 2019 will be the last date for applications under the current arrangements
  • From 18 December 2019 there will be an new improved way to make a housing register application, using the same address

For emergencies only, such as having just become homeless or threatened with homelessness, please contact our Housing Options service.

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