Household recycling sites reorganised to give more appointments

Published Friday, 10 July 2020

Changes to the government’s social distancing rules have enabled capacity and increased appointments at both the household waste and recycling centres. Both the Waldo Road and the Churchfields Road sites are being re-organised accordingly. The sites will still see cleaning of surfaces and social distancing reminders for residents’ well-being.

The booking system is continuing over the summer and has been welcomed by the majority of Bromley residents as it provided certainty of being able to dispose of recycling and waste, significantly reduced queuing times and avoided the significant traffic congestion problems experienced locally every summer around the sites.

Every summer there is considerable demand for access to Waldo Road and Churchfields, with all the issues and inconvenience that brings. As demand is forecast to reduce in September, the council is currently planning to stop the booking system in September.  Residents are being reminded to check the webcams from 1st September before visiting, when it is envisaged appointments will no longer be needed. 

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