Consultation about a conservation area for Shortlands Village

Published Tuesday, 4 August 2020

In recognition of the special characteristics of the Shortlands Village area, consultation is underway about designating the area as a conservation area. The council encourages residents living in Shortlands Village and interested parties to respond.

The news to designate a conservation area for Shortlands Village follows approval from the council’s Development Control Committee to consult about the conservation area proposal and from an independent report by the Built Environment Advisory and Management Service (BEAMS). Conservation areas are locations with a special character, often due to the quality of their buildings and other elements. These can include the historic layout of roads, paths and boundaries, together with characteristic buildings and paving materials which all contribute to a familiar and cherished local scene.

Shortlands Village is an historically and architecturally interesting suburb. In common with so many London suburbs, it developed following the arrival of the railway and station in the area. The area is under developmental pressure, and without the creation of a conservation area this could affect the historic character of the area. Conservation area status would mean that applications would be required to either preserve or enhance the conservation area, thus ensuring a higher standard of design and greater sensitivity to the historic character of the area.

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