Green garden waste collection days are changing from 2 November

Published Monday, 12 October 2020

From 2 November, subscribers may experience a change in collection day and/or week

Collection patterns and the number of collections you receive a year are staying the same, as are all other household collections.

Why is the collection schedule changing?

Collection routes are changing to be more efficient. This has a number of benefits:

  • Maximising the use of our existing collection vehicles without the need for an extra collection vehicle, allowing the service to grow without compromising air quality
  • Enhancing the reliability of the service
  • Keeping the cost of running the service the same
  • Supporting the growing number of residents signing up to the service, which helps reduce numbers of visitors to our busy reuse and recycling centres, and so that more green waste can be turned into soil-improving compost.

How will I know when my new collection day is?

You will receive your collection calendar in the post at the end of October in a handy leaflet detailing how to use the service. You can also check your next collection day online.

To ensure a smooth transition into the new service, some subscribers will receive one-off additional collections to bridge the gap between old and new schedules. During this transition, the maximum wait between collections will be 16 days (two days longer than usual). If you are receiving a one-off additional collection, this will be highlighted in your bespoke calendar.