A message from the Leader of the Council

Published Monday, 8 March 2021

The following open letter is the lead article in Bromley Council’s Update e-newsletter. Covid-19 : Please do not drop your guard yet under any circumstances.

Dear Residents,

Looking back, it is difficult to believe it was virtually a year ago to the day that our country suffered its first fatality to Covid.

Within days, others would sadly follow, within weeks the first lockdown had begun and a prominent health specialist warned that the UK would do well to keep deaths below 20,000. Some criticised him for scaremongering at the time. If only.

Today, a year on, after months of selfless personal sacrifice by our brave front line public services, we stand on the very cusp of finally putting the misery of 2020 behind us and moving forward, thanks in very large part to the brilliance of British science and the accelerated roll out of the national vaccination programme.

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