Court injunction obtained re Wheatsheaf Hill

Published Friday, 18 June 2021

An injunction has been obtained forbidding any development work associated with the stationing of any mobile home or caravan taking place in a Green Belt field in Halstead.

The news follows recent activities at the site which have included clearing the field of vegetation and the stationing of 6 mobile homes within the field.  The injunction covers the “Land at the junction of Sevenoaks Road and and Wheatsheaf Hill Halstead”.  Breaching the order could result in the defendant being found guilty of contempt of court and may be sent to prison or fined.

Councillor Angela Page, Chelsfield and Pratts Bottom Ward Councillor and Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement said, “It is extremly rare to obtain an injunction from the courts but this reflects the utmost serious nature of what has happened here.  We must and will act within the law and follow the various processes but we will act to protect Green Belt and that is precisely what we have done.  We continue to closely monitor what is happening at the field and will take further action as necessary.”

The injunction forbids the defendant from:

  • Stationing or causing to be stationed any mobile homes, caravans, buildings structues or fences, whether portable or otherwise
  • Using or permitting the use of the six mobile homes present for residential purposes without the express grant of planning permission
  • Carrying out any further works to prepare the land for the stationing of mobile homes or caravans
  • Undertaking any development on the site, including the laying of hardcore and creation of hardstandings and/or access roads


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