Treemendous commitment for this generation and the next

Published Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Tree leaf

An extensive street tree planting initiative is getting underway later this year, at the start of the tree planting season, underlining the council’s status as London’s greenest borough.

The proposals to invest £1.35million to plant an additional 5000 trees in the next four years is the largest single investment in trees in the borough’s history.  The work to plant hundreds of additional trees is planned to commence in the Autumn, utilising existing tree pits where a tree had been planted previously. Interested residents are being asked to nominate locations in their street where an existing tree pit exists.  This also includes tree pits that have been temporarily covered with tarmac.

Councillor Will Harmer, Chairman of Environment and Community PDS Committee said, “Years of commitment to our environment have made Bromley London’s greenest borough. This latest announcement will see one of the largest expansions of street trees in our history making the Borough even greener not just now but for future generations too. Tree care will also be an important part of this and we will be asking residents to help, with watering crucial in the early life of a tree and I know many more Tree Friends will also come forwards in support.”

Councillor Harmer continued, “One of the enduring strengths of streets across the borough is the abundance of trees, which so many of us feel so passionately about.  One of the many reasons residents regularly cite about our borough being one of the best places to live in the UK is the fantastic array of trees. This tree planting programme reinforces Bromley as London’s best borough.”

Urban trees have been shown to filter atmospheric pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide through their leaves.  They also remove particulate matter thereby helping tackle the incidence of diseases exacerbated by airborne pollutants.  The tree planting initiative will also support the health of residents, with research showing that  people were more likely to walk or cycle to work if the streets were lined with trees and live longer and feel better as a result.

The tree planting commitment also complements with the council’s aim to have net zero emissions by 2029, which continues to be one of the most ambitious targets of any London borough and underlines the council’s proud clean and green image including continuing work and investment to reduce its direct emissions.

Nominations of locations for new tree planting can be submitted online, with interested residents being asked to nominate locations where there is an existing tree pit or grass verge.  Users can navigate to the desired location and once the location has been selected, a tree planting request can be submitted, with other interested residents also able to see the nomination thereby avoiding duplicate requests.


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