More police officers welcomed to patrol Bromley High Street

Published Thursday, 14 October 2021

News that additional police will soon be patrolling Bromley Town Centre is being welcomed.

The welcomed announcement, which the Metropolitan Police have outlined, will see an additional team of police officers being permanently based in Bromley town centre in the coming months. The additional police officers will soon patrol Bromley High Street at times expected to have the most impact on crime and public safety, such as in the evenings.  The news was included in a London wide initiative and whilst Bromley is recognised as being a low crime borough, the additional resources will help tackle concerns within Bromley town centre and improve feelings of public safety.

Councillor Nicky Dykes, Bromley Town Ward Councillor and Chairman, Children, Education and Families PDS Committee said, “Myself and my two ward colleagues welcome this uplift in officers for Bromley town. We work closely with our local police team, making sure our residents concerns are listened to and acted upon. We have been asking for additional resources to support their work and are delighted that this will now be delivered. 

Councillor Dykes continued, “The additional police officers patrolling around Bromley town centre will help tackle crime and make a significant contribution towards keeping everyone safe, including those that feel most vulnerable. We recognise the safety concerns some of our residents may have when out in public places, in and around the town centre.  This news will help to alleviate some of these concerns in Bromley, with the new officers able to provide valuable support to our communities and help to ensure our high streets are kept safe for all.”

Councillor Angela Page, Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement said, “It is always welcome news to have greater police resources allocated to our borough and we look forward to welcoming the new police team when they are formally in post.”


Editors’ Notes: For more information and updates on this announcement, please visit the Metropolitan Police website.

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