E-scooters not for Christmas nor for Bromley’s roads

Published Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Residents considering purchasing an e-scooter for Christmas are being encouraged to think again..

In addition to safety concerns, riding an e-scooter on the borough’s roads and footpaths is illegal, with the rules also applying to all other public spaces across the borough, including parks and greenspaces.

The public protection warning comes following increased public concerns along with an increase in police action to seize e-scooters.  Anyone caught riding an e-scooter is likely to be committing at least one offence, which could lead to a fixed penalty of £300 and up to six points on the offender’s driving licence.
Councillor Angela Page, Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement said, “Although it might be legal to buy one of these e-scooters,  the only place you would be able to then use the scooter legally in the borough is on private property. This might be confusing for some, which is part of the reason we want to make the legal position as clear as possible. These e-scooters are also dangerous and we welcome and are supportive of the police action to seize e-scooters being ridden illegally on roads, pavements and in parks and other public places.  I would really urge anyone considering purchasing one of these e-scooters, even if it is as a present, to make themselves aware of all the risks, including having it seized by the police.”

Bromley is not part of the e-scooter rental hire scheme run by the Department of Transport and therefore there should not be any e-scooters in any public areas, including roads, paths, public spaces and cycle lanes. Mobility scooters and e-bikes (electrically-assisted pedal cycles) are not classified as e-scooters, so are permitted in certain circumstances. 

The council is working with partners to inform residents of the serious dangers around e-scooters. Campaigns are underway in schools across the borough to inform children of the risks these vehicles pose.

National statistics show there were 882 collisions involving e-scooters nationally in the year to June 2021, which led to 931 casualties. Three e-scooter riders were fatally injured in these collisions, with an estimated 253 casualties being seriously injured.

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