Treemendous tree planting underway

Published Friday, 3 December 2021

Over 150 street trees have already been planted as part of the tree-mendous planting initiative since planting began in November.

Tree planting is continuing in National Tree Week, with in excess of 1000 additional trees set to be planted by the end of this winter planting season as part of the £1.35 million plan.  The 4 year street tree planting initiative is the largest single arboriculture investment in Bromley’s history and supports the council’s commitment to reach the ambitious net zero emissions objective by 2029. As planting continues and Bromley’s street scene becomes even greener, residents are being invited to become tree friends, including to help ensure the newly planted trees flourish in the early stages of the life.

Councillor Will Harmer, Chairman of Environment and Community PDS Committee said, “Tree-lined streets do so much to improve our environment, both now and for future generations. We know that residents value the tree-lined streets that give colour and vibrancy to our streets all year round. We are committed to working in partnership with residents and a big thank you to Tree Friend resident volunteers who are already coming forwards and who have committed to helping with maintenance in the crucial early period of the tree’s life.”

In addition to making a more attractive street scene, the tree-mendous planting initiative will also help support the health of residents, with research showing that people are more likely to walk or cycle to work if the streets are lined with trees and live longer and feel better as a result.

As well as the support of the council’s tree care contractor, Glendale, will give in the early stages of the newly planted trees development, Tree Friends will be asked to help with watering young trees, particularly in the summer period.  Residents living near to a newly planted street tree are therefore particularly encouraged to become a Tree Friend.  Visit to become a Tree Friend.



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