Platinum Jubilee celebrations to be held throughout Bromley

Published Tuesday, 25 January 2022

A variety of exciting commemorative activities will take place to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022, following a supportive decision by the Executive.

These activities include funding to decorate our high streets and shopping parades, delivering a cultural activity programme for children and families, active participation in national celebratory campaigns such as beacon lighting, and the waiving of road closure fees for associated street parties.

Residents and Street Friends who wish to take part in ‘The Big Jubilee Lunch’ to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee can apply free of charge to hold street parties between Thursday 2 June and Sunday 5 June. The deadline for these applications is Thursday 10 March 2022, which can be made on our street party page.

Councillor Peter Morgan, Executive Councillor for Renewal, Recreation and Housing said, “We must celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in full force as we have for all previous Jubilee celebrations, including with the usual street parties organised by dedicated residents. I look forward to seeing these celebrations across the borough on this long bank holiday, in honour of the tremendous service provided by Her Majesty over the last 70 years. This is a great opportunity for communities to come together to celebrate after a difficult couple of years, with many exciting events to be expected in Bromley and across the country. We will be sharing further details on the council’s plans to mark this special occasion with you all in due course”.

Her Majesty the Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, indicating 70 years of service.

Street parties can take place any day over the four-day bank holiday that has been announced to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee starting on Thursday 2 June, which consists of one extra bank holiday and the traditional Spring bank holiday being moved from the end of May to the start of June. However, it should be noted that the national Big Jubilee Lunch street parties are at a national level being encouraged to take place on Sunday 5 June.

Those applying for street parties are encouraged to apply early to avoid disappointment and also to mention that the party is for the Platinum Jubilee in your application. Whilst party organisers always need the council’s permission to hold an event on the road or pavement, fees only normally apply if a road needs to be closed, although not on this occasion as specified above. 

Party organisers are not required to have public liability insurance cover for their event, but it is strongly recommended as your event would not be covered by the council’s insurance. However, organisers must ensure that certain conditions are met. These include the need for applicants to steward the event, having diversion and warning signs, with flashing lamps at each vehicle access point and being able to easily remove tables, chairs and other temporary objects to allow access for emergency vehicles.

Similarly, banners and bunting hanging across the road must be secured at a height of at least 7 metres (23 feet). The council is interested to hear about the applicant’s plans and if the street party will also be marking a significant date or event for the local community. It would therefore be appreciated if applicants could briefly summarise their intentions for the day when applying. 

Once approved, the council will inform the emergency services, public utility and bus companies of the planned street party. 


For media enquiries, please contact James George, Public Affairs officer, on 020 8313 4565 or email [email protected]