Renowned social work author shares wisdom with Bromley’s social workers

Published Thursday, 22 March 2018

Bromley Council celebrated World Social Work Day on 20 March with a visit from renowned social work academic Professor Malcolm Payne who gave an inspirational talk to Bromley social workers.

Professor Payne is best known for one of his 25 books: ‘Modern Social Work Theory’ which is in its fourth edition and has probably been quoted by every social worker at some point in their training. 

Professor Payne used stories from his own experience in the field of social work to illustrate the importance of the work done by the assembled Bromley social workers. He remarked that adult social care and children’s social care are the backbone of social work; care is provided by us all to the ones we care about - to support and enable this we must provide a strong, central and leading hub of care for the betterment of our communities.